Five things that make me mad

We all have our pet peeves. Sometimes a particular one bubbles up to the top of the list as the Ace No. 1 blood boiler of the day or week.

Lately, the top five list I’m posting has had the distinction of leading my hit parade of things that make me mad. I didn’t put them in any particular order because they’re all equally nerve-wracking.

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Are these two separated at birth?

Of course, they weren’t even born the same year. Jaden Smith is the same age as Camille’s older sister, Abby. But several people have commented that there’s an uncanny resemblance. What do you think?

Jaden Smith (left) and Camille.

Science night

With only a few days left before Abby has to turn in her second set of science work/projects, we wrapped up a couple of experiments tonight.

The first was a spectroscope. Using a few simple items, we wanted to see how different light bulbs (halogen, incandescent, florescent) delivered different light spectrums. (The key is in the amount of heat produced. We didn’t look at efficiency). Notice the use of the Girl Scout cookie box. We had plenty left over. And we have more cookies if you need some.

Click to see larger.

We also did an experiment related to aerogel using gelatin with blue food coloring and Nerds candy. You can see the results below.

Click to see larger.

It makes me almost want to go back to school again… as a student. Almost.

Broken pan. Broken heart.

Several weeks ago, my wife was cooking a meal on the stove in our Pampered Chef deep covered baker when she added some cold broth. The resulting gunshot sound signaled a crack in the bottom and an end to our coveted cooker.

This weekend it was my turn.

With Susan out of town, I was putting together a quick calzone for the kids, when I experienced the same cruel result. A little more obvious than the crack in the baker, but totally unexpected. I’m chalking this one up the the oven being too hot.

We’ll replace them at some point, but this marks a sad day in my cooking life.