3 thoughts on “Greensboro bloggers outside of outside.in top 10

  1. darkmoon

    Hah. No wonder. They do the neighborhood thing by what “they” have in Greensboro. List of GSO blogs:

    * The Troublemaker
    * Sandy’s Place
    * Hogg’s Blog
    * A Little Urbanity
    * greensboropeerpressure

    Based on Technorati ranking. Pretty pathetic considering that with just Ed on this list with his Technorati rank, we’d probably be #1. Oh well. It’s missing like 90% of the community. heh.

  2. Billy The Blogging Poet

    I am not at all impressed. Not only are they missing 90% or more of our local blogging community but the site is far too hard to navigate.

    Aggrigation on a local scale makes sense; aggrigation world-wide with no real ties to the community you serve makes only cents but is of no real value.

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