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I like my tail

You may not have noticed, but I like chasing my tail. I like it even better when I catch it. It doesn’t mean I stop spinning around in circles when I get it either. I just keep twirling and twirling.

It’s fun!

Oh, and about running into the wall afterward? I meant to do that.

Why can’t I just sit and enjoy the day?

My people always seem to be in a hurry. What’s the rush? There are so many smells to figure out. Sounds echo in my head. I need to know what they are!.

My people keep me inside most of the day. When I do get out they want to walk, walk, walk. They expect me to pee or poo each time they do. That’s why I always hold back just a little pee. Seems to make them happy.

All I’d like to do sometimes, not every time, is to sit and enjoy the day. Like when those other people’s young ones are out playing. I need to sit and see what they do. I can’t bounce that big orange ball, but I can chase it really well! I want to play, too!

Like the other day. The biggest of my people wanted to keep walking and walking and walking. We did the big loop. We usually don’t do that. I’m not sure where I’m going? What if they take me and leave me? I’m a little too young to be left alone. I know I’m big-er. It’s not like when I was just a pup.

And why does the big female always call me her little boy? I’m not a boy!

Well, at least I’m still eatin’ good. And I get to rest when I want.

It could be worse.


I get tired, too.

It’s late. Way past my bedtime. I notice you people start to get slower around this time, too. Especially the female. Same time. Same place. Sleep.

Thanks for the spot on the big soft thing right next to you.

But I hate it when right before we go up the hill in the house for the last time before you lay down, you have to take me outside. It’s probably the only time I don’t like it outside. It’s cold people! Yeah, I gotta pee. Sometimes even poop. But you must not notice how I make you carry me out by just standing there. Because it works every time.


More outside time, please.

I like the outdoors. Can’t you tell?

I like to just sit and let the breeze blow through my hair sometimes. That’s nice. There’s plenty to snack on. Grass. Cat poop. Rabbit poop. Paper. Pencils. Styrofoam. I know I don’t need it. I don’t always like it. But I like to try it. I think I’m smart enough to know what to eat and what not to eat.

My favorite is when there’s lot’s of water outside. Something just tastes different about it. Different from the inside water. I can lick the streets all day long.

And that day when all that white stuff came down and stuck on the ground? Cold. Crunchy. It really felt good on the teeth. Kind of sweet, too. That was good times. Good times.


I need my space.

I like the little people a lot. They’re a pain sometimes and I just want to get away from them. You’d think they were puppies! Wait, they kind of are, aren’t they? Especially that little one. For something that’s not much bigger than me, she’s pretty rough.

The little one is always messing with the stuff around my eyes. Ouch! That’s a pretty tender area. And when I’m sampling the food outside? They grab me and open my mouth and take out whatever it is I’ve got even before I can taste it!

I didn’t like it the other night either when they were chasing me around the house and tackling me. Or when the male was chasing me with the towel. I know how to dry myself. Please.

And why do the little ones always pick me up. Hello! I do have four paws! That’s why I’m so thankful I can signal the big ones to take me out for a nervous pee. Sometimes, I’ve just got to get away from them both. To get a little alone time. Oh, I’ll want to come back in. I just need a break. Heh. Looks like the big ones need a break, too.