Pippin the healer

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Wow! It seems that all technology on the web has gone haywire tonight. Twitpic isn’t letting me log in. Facebook won’t let me see the photos I’ve uploaded or upload anymore. So it’s back to my old standby – the blog.

Susan had foot surgery today to correct a joint problem that was causing her pain in her left foot. It was primarily her second toe which was also affecting her middle toe. Walking when we were at the beach had become an odyssey of pain.

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The major award

Oops. Here's a sharper version. on Twitpic

Last August, I learned that my staff had won a first place Missouri Lifestyle Journalism Award. This August, after some bureaucratic snafus and a mailing mishap that left the first trophy a shattered mess, we got the replacement.

When I pulled it out of the box, I found myself paraphrasing Chief Brody in “Jaws”: “We’re gonna need a bigger trophy case.”

Click on this photo from Twitpic to see it more clearly. It’s half my size!

Avast ye mateys! PBS to air update on Blackbeard project

blackbeard_flagYou can watch the most recent documentary about Blackbeard the Pirate and the Queen Anne’s Revenge shipwreck project at 10pm, July 16th (that’s tomorrow me hearties!) on PBS.

Underwater footage on Secrets of the Dead: Blackbeard’s Lost Ship was shot by our friends at Nautilus Productions.

UPDATE: You know, back in the day when the remains were found of what was believed to be Blackbeard’s pirate ship, the News & Record did a series of stories on the N.C. pirate with the addition of a cool-for-its-time website, www.blackbeardlives.com. In fact, when you Google references to “Blackbeard” the site often comes up high in the list of results.

Sadly, That site is no longer available, lost to several transitions of servers and hosts. Of course, the site hadn’t been updated since the ’90s, but it was still good to see it pop up in search engine results periodically.

I mention this because our friends at Nautilus Productions remembered the Blackbeard Lives site when we visited them at the beach a few weeks ago while we were talking with the chief archeologist on the project. He remembed the site fondly as well.

Summer brain stimulation

Abby started the tradition of spending a week in Delaware with my parents when she was 5. Her sister joined her when she turned 5, too.

They spent two weeks with my parents in June, which is probably more of a vaction for them than for us. My Dad cooks whatever they want. There are multiple TVs in the house. It’s a kid’s dream.


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Goodbye sun tea. Hello fridge tea.

Based on a comment about our summer experiment with sun tea, I put the kibosh on leaving the Ball jar outside. The thought of bacteria harming the kids, well, I just wanted to be safe and not sorry.

Hello fridge tea. The Snopes link provided a good alternative. And the taste is still better than brewing to me. Camille asked for a glass after dinner and I can’t wait to have a tall glass on a hot day. The rest of the family gave it thumbs up as well.